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Our Happy Clients

"Dr.Burnham is hands-down the best chiropractor in California! thanks for everything doc"

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

Alexa Young, CA

“Dr. Paul was the only doctor i could find that wouldn't just toss me another pill, but actually found the root to my illness. forever grateful!"

Roy - Diamond Bar
Back and Chest Injury 

In 1994, while I was walking across the street, going to a fire, I was struck by a car. The car hit me so hard I flew 45 ft. through the air. I was rushed to the hospital. The diagnoses was a fractured collar bone, many deep bruises and Post-Concussion Syndrome. After 5 days in the hospital, I started Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapist worked with wobble boards to help me. After 4 months of PT I still felt weak but I knew I was not ready to go back to fighting fires, so I began teaching at the academy. The first day I went back to my regular job I stepped off the fire engine and popped my hip out. Out for another 2 weeks. I was sent to the Doheni Eye Institute for diagnoses which they confirmed my Post-Concussion Syndrome. My eyes were very sensitive to light all the time. I could only wear sunglasses a few hours before my eyes would cause a severe pain in my neck. I also had a low back problem and stayed very weak even through I would go to the gym. Trying to train for the Fireman Olympics was very difficult because my low back would numb up.

I have experienced wonderful results with Symmetry Chiropractic. Dr. Paul Burnham has made a definite change. by working on my nervous system he restored my strength. My low back feels strong and I could max out my training sessions. I competed in the Fireman Olympics this July and won silver. I can wear sunglasses as long as I want. My eyes feel much better. Dr. Paul also gave me a specific diet with organic supplements which assisted in restoring my health.

James - Corona
Bone Tumor / Leg Pain

I have been suffering from leg pain for several weeks. I have been diagnosed with a tumor in my right thighbone. My grandfather died from a tumor in his leg that spread in his body. I also have chest pains, back pains and occasional nose bleeds. I get headaches, dizziness and chills. The doctors wanted to give me chemo and radiation therapy. Tests had shown I had blood in my urine. My energy had become very low and I have been very tired for over a year. I am 13. Before my leg pain and had seen many doctors but they could not find out was was causing my problems. My mom took me in to see Dr. Burnham. She had taken my little sister there about 5 years ago and he fixed her. He was very concerned about finding the cause to my problem and fixing it. He reviewed with me and my mom the process of abnormal cell growth and said the best option was to restore nervous system function and let the body heal itself. We had already known people with different problems who had chemo and radiation therapy and were told they were fine and years later it would come back and kill them.We decided to see if Dr. Burnham could help. He began a program of changing my spine and increasing nerve flow. He explained the body would destroy the tumor faster if my immune system was stronger and my blood supply was clean and full of nutrition. He prescribed herbal formulas which were organic. I started to feel much better. I noticed changes the first couple days. Gradually my leg pain and back pain went away. My headaches, nosebleeds and the other problems are gone. My mom was given an estimate of 6 months by Dr. Burnham before trying to get Kayser to do tests again. After 4 months we got Kayser to do a follow up. The xrays fooled the Kayser doctor. The tumor was gone. He was surprised and did not believe it. He did not even care what we had did to remove the tumor.

Dr. Burnham told my mom the body will heal itself if given the chance and it did. I would say to anyone talk with Dr. Burnham, he can help.


Jo - St. George, Utah
Severe Headaches

“I’ve had headaches since I was about 7 years old. They would last a few hours to a few days. At most I could still function. Some left me nauseated and bedridden - usually in conjunction with extreme stress. We always thought they were sinus headaches. It was years later before I questioned why the base of my skull should ache from sinus pressure. I remembered when I was about 14, I said to my mother “ Hey, I went a whole day without a headache.” It seemed to some degree my head hurt everyday. After being treated by Dr. Paul, I had my life back! At the time I came to see him, the headaches were daily and severe. I didn’t go to many places because I didn’t want to move much and it aggravated my head. Now I can live with little fear of headaches. I encourage other headache sufferers not to wait. So many pains can be corrected with adjustments. You don’t have to hurt or take drugs to mask the pain. You can stop or reduce the pain and improve your general health at the same time. It feels so good not to hurt.”



Andrew - Newport Beach
Back Pain

I have been roller blading for years. One day after a roller hockey game my back locked and I couldn’t walk. I went to a M.D. doctor for painkillers and muscle relaxers but it did not fix the problem.

I was wheeled in to Dr. Burnham’s office and carried on to the adjusting table. After getting treated for one week I was walking with a cane and I felt less pain. After the second week I was able to walk without a cane, I felt 50% better and was able to sit up. In normal circumstances [I had a severe antalgic lean because of disc pressure in low back.] an Orthopedic Surgeon would have done surgery on my back. I now walk and drive with little pain and continue to heal. Dr. Burnham spent much time treating me and getting me better. I recommend people with disc problems to come and see Dr. Burnham.



Sandy W. -Corona

I came to see Dr. Paul in 2003 because I was curious to hear what he had to say regarding my problems. He had worked on my husband and fixed his chronic knee pain and his digestive problems he was having. He had these problems for many years. Dr. Paul had mentioned to my husband about women he had helped before with problems getting pregnant. I had suffered from miscarriages and did not know where to turn. My doctors were not providing answers and there solutions of pills and injections made no sense to me. I live my life healthy and do not like taking drugs. I decided to meet with Dr. Paul and listen to what he had to say. I had nothing to lose. He explained in detail the controlling effect nerves have on the reproductive system and how they come from the spine. He also explained how the body is smarter than any doctor and will not hold an egg if the environment is toxic or constantly disturbed.

What he said made sense to me and I thought it was worth a try. I started a program which included correction of the spine and body cleansing with specific herbs for the reproductive tract. I noticed an immediate change in how I felt. My energy increased and I noticed aches and pains I thought were normal were going away. I cleansed for 3 months and Dr. Paul told me not to get pregnant for another 3 months since my body needed to continue to heal. Well, lets just say we didn't exactly wait. I got pregnant a month or so later. Dr. Paul explained how less problems I would have if I maintained my spine through pregnancy. After my first trimester, I was feeling pretty excited, since this was the longest I've gone being pregnant. I delivered in November 2003 without any difficulty. My life has changed. I am very appreciative of the time Dr. Paul spent explaining how people get caught believing in medical philosophies of how the doctor will fix the problem with a fancy procedure or pill when in fact, the body can heal the problem in most cases, it just needs the right teacher. If you want a thorough doctor who is very helpful, I recommmend Dr. Paul Burnham.



Wendy S.-Chino Hills
Migraines, leg & knee pain

Before I came to see Dr. Paul, I had been a hurdler in high school and had an accident during this time. I fell and landed on my knees. X-rays were taken of my knees, but doctors never found anything wrong, and pain killers were not the answer. This went on for over 6 years. During this time I developed pain in my elbows and hands. My neck and back were causing mor and more pain. Then I started to get migraines with severe pain behind my eye and I could not do anything but lay down. The doctors always had one answer....pills. I like to stay in shape and drugs really slow me down and make me feel lousy all day. I later began having severe stomach pain and chest pain which made it very difficult to breath at times. I reached a point where I could not live like this anymore. I had to do something different because I was just getting worse. A relative referred me to Dr. Paul. He went over my health history and explained how problems never corrected before were leading to the deterioration of my health. Just because doctors said my knees were fine, my back is normal and my headaches were controllable didn't mean there was nothing else that could be done. He did a unique exam, different from the others, and took X-rays. He went over them with me and mapped out the plan of correction. He prescribed herbs to strengthen my immune system and began to correct areas of pain I had for years. Since I started the program my knee and leg pain has disappeared. All headaches are gone and my overall health is great. I can definitely say my immune system is stronger. What I like most about Dr. Paul is he focuses on your overall health. As this is addressed, the primary problems are healed. A whole body approach to health. I would recommend anyone to visit his office and listen to his advice.

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