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The holistic approach posits that the body's symptoms serve as inquiries into deeper imbalances, reflecting interconnected aspects of our health concerns. Unlike the conventional medical model, which often addresses symptoms in isolation, holistic healing seeks to decode these signals, recognizing them as signs of underlying issues within the intricate network of structure, mind, and body. By delving into the root causes behind symptoms, Dr. J. Paul Burnham aims to restore equilibrium, addressing the body's innate capacity for self-regulation and healing.

Lets dive into the most frequently asked questions.

Why check for nerve pressure?

Dr. Gray explains the answer quite well, "Pressure on nerves decreases or inhibits the messages they conduct. The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body." Gray's Anatomy 29Ed Pg 4

For this reason, pressure-caused interference to the normal conduction of nerve messages is responsible for a wide variety of health problems, pain and disease.

Once I begin, will I need to keep going indefinitely?

To answer this question I must ask you, Do you use your body everyday? Silly question, huh. Do you use your shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, neck, back, spine, fingers, etc. everyday? How many times during the day do you use them? Do you sit, stand, stoop, bend, lean, etc. everyday? Do you have raw homegrown vegetables, fruit, cattle, fish, chicken, eggs, etc. everyday in your diet? Do you drink unadulterated well water or glacier milk every day? Do you have any stress everyday? A little or alot? How many toxins are you exposed to everyday? Without you knowing, at a bare minimum you are exposed to over 150 toxins per day, up to 300-350 toxins. The overall effect is a strain on your emotional, chemical and physical balance. Your body breaks down, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Now most chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, etc. will treat you when you have symptoms then leave it up to you to come back when you feel like it. I do not. I do not like to see people go about life developing underlying problems then hoping for a quick fix. I educate my patients and then I determine for them the best frequency of treatment which will not only maintain there initial phase correction but will improve their health and their life week after week, month after month and year after year. My patients understand there body is far more complex than a finely tuned exotic sports car. The worst thing a doctor could do is correct the problem and then let the problem gradually come back and ruin or destroy someone's life because either his philosophy was askew or he or she lacked the confidence to explain what the best plan would be. For me, doctor means teacher and if you can't teach, well, your not a doctor.

A common reason for life long chronic problems is a doctor will prescribe a group of visits for his/her patients to remove the symptoms. The therapy will correct the symptom and fail to correct the true cause of their problem. Instead, brief and often partial symptom relief keeps them returning. Body Symmetry stands apart from symptom-oriented therapies because it focuses on actual correction of the true cause coupled with teaching to promote knowledge. This in return creates a life-style change because people, like myself, want to feel great, look great(healthy) and enjoy the life that God has given us.


Specifically, X-rays will show approximately how long the joint dysfunction has existed. This will relate to the muscular dysfunction. From this basis we set forth a plan of correction. Once a Body Symmetry patient has completed their initial phase of correction, they are given a specific routine to follow. Most maintain there vibrant healthy symptom free bodies at once a week.

What causes nerve pressure?

Nerve pressure is caused by "out of place" or misaligned bones coupled with muscle pattern weakness and a primary organ weakness. A mis-aligned bone (vertebrae) in the spine is very common. A misaligned vertebrae in the spine, in many cases, will cause a misalignment in another joint. For example, a mis-aligned lumbar vertebrae will cause a mis-aligned hip, which in-turn causes a mis-aligned knee and a mis-aligned ankle. The bladder, kidney and reproductive organs will be effected as well, in most cases. Most mis-aligned vertabrae will occur in the neck first then producing compensation misalignments down the spine. This is because only these neck vertebrae have the most range of motion than any other vertabrae, and this comes at a price. The first vertabrae in the neck lacks the joint stops present on all other vertebrae. The lack of joint stops creates a potential to impinge on the spinal cord (brain stem)with the most pressure.

Removing nerve root and spinal cord pressure is a must if you are to become healthy and symptom free. Nerve pressure is part of a sequence in the deterioration of the body and is a leading cause of many health problems. It directly affects the immune system which is responsible for fighting off disease.

How do I know if I have nerve pressure?

In most cases, nerve pressure produces a pattern of symptoms in the organs, muscles, or other tissues where the nerve transmission is decreased or inhibited. Because these symptoms are often mistakenly thought to be due to a variety of causes the true cause is usually overlooked. In most severe chronic cases there will be layering. Initially there may be a primary dysfunction or nerve impedance in the shoulder. Once this is healed the sacroiliac joint may become primary. Most individuals who are not analyzed correctly will have their cause undiscovered and live with there symptoms for there entire life.

Although the upper neck is the site where pressure originates, this region may or may not be among the symptom areas in a given individual. Recurrent symptoms over weeks, months and even years strongly suggest the possibility of a spinal cord pressure with referral from an organ or old injury causing nerve pressure. The longer spinal cord pressure continues to exist, nerve tissue damage, symptoms and health conditions will worsen. When this occurs in a new born from the doctor torquing the spinal cord by over-rotating the head, sudden infant death syndrome may occur.

What are some symptoms of nerve pressure?

Symptoms of nerve pressure may involve any area of the body and are too numerous to list, however, some of the most common include*:

Headaches Bladder Weakness Back Pain Migraines Numbness Recurring Infections Digestive Problems Sciatica Joint Pain Hypoglycemia Light Headedness Chronic Fatigue Postural Distortion Vision Problems Allergies Carpal Tunnel Weakened Immune System Lack of Mental Focus

If you have symptoms not shown above, you still may have nerve pressure. A consultation and screening examination will provide the answer. Remember, your nervous system controls ALL body function.

Will nerve pressure go away by itself?

Unfortunately, No.

When an upper neck vertebra misaligns (subluxates), it remains misaligned. This produces nerve interference which also remains day after day, year after year, even though its intensity can fluctuate somewhat with varying stresses.

The upper neck vertebrae allow your head to move with a great range of motion as compared to your back. Unfortunately, because of this unique ability the upper vertebrae have a tendency to become “locked up” or “subluxated.” The directions they become subluxated are complex and require exact torque, motion, pressure and angle to re-align. Through Body Symmetry the pressure is removed once it is detected. If never corrected, symptoms may be constant, occasional, severe, mild, etc. Unfortunately, as time passes, health deteriorates, if nothing is done to correct it. There is no drug or therapy which can alleviate nerve pressure without a precise release thrust or toggle. In addition, since it can cause such a wide variety of symptoms, it is often misdiagnosed to begin with by health care providers not especially trained to detect it.

Can nerve pressure be corrected?

The good news is, YES!, in most cases.

Body Symmetry is a precise analytical and corrective method which is incorporated. Multiple disciplines from Upper Cervical Specific, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic Biophysics, Pettibon, Meningeal Release Technique and Functional Restoration are some of the skills that are fused together to produce the discipline of Body Symmetry.

How do I begin the process of correction?

An initial consultation and screening exam is the first step. This will confirm whether or not Body Symmetry , through the use of neurological analysis, can help you. If the answer is yes, a complete examination will provide all the information needed to begin correction.

* Not all cases involving these symptoms are the result of nerve pressure and distortion of impulse on nerve roots, nerve branches and/or nerve fibers.

Are X-rays necessary?

Absolutely. A precise analysis of the three-dimensional vertebral misalignment causing the nerve pressure is essential. It provides the basis for determining the specific correction for each individual. It can only be obtained through careful X- ray examination.

Does correction hurt?

No, In addition, the Body Symmetry method does not involve what some refer to as the extreme “twisting” and “cracking” they may associate with non-specific spinal manipulation.

With Body Symmetry, infants, teenagers, 30 year olds or 80 year olds are adjusted in a manner appropriate for there spine. This is based on there neurological findings from exam and structural composition/alignment from x-ray. Also taken into account is the level of muscle guarding around the joints. Many people do not realize their joint degeneration and abnormal motion has been developing for many years without symptoms. Just because your problems started last week doesn't mean it wasn't in the making for 10 years. A light force is applied to the spine and/or joints, as needed, which is painless. As the joints conform to my treatments and pressure is released, techniques are modified or changed to continue assisting the body to heal.

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